BoardEffect meeting management software Review


If your company is looking for a solution that would help incorporate document management and speed up preparation for the board of directors, the BoardEffect portal for boards is your way out. This program is one of the best of its kind because it can guarantee reliable access control and improved corporate data management tools. In this article, we’ll review the BoardEffect board portal and highlight its key benefits that could play into the hands of your company.

What is BoardEffect?

BoardEffect is a unique board solution that helps streamline the meeting process and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your board team’s decisions and provides many benefits to your leadership. The program focuses primarily on management affairs and provides ample opportunities for organizing and managing documents and the boarding process itself. This makes it easier and faster to make the right decisions and strategies because it’s no secret that the quality of meeting preparation affects the productivity of board members.

To date, the provider’s services are used by more than 1400 companies from different industries. It can be both medical institutions and foundations, educational institutions, government, and legal organizations. In general, BoardEffect’s client base is more than 100,000 thousand people. The program has earned the trust of all these customers due to its high-quality functions and reliable security system.

Using traditional methods of holding a board of directors, all processes are rather slow, but thanks to the organized BoardEffect space, the overall effectiveness of the board increases significantly.

Key Benefits of BoardEffect

Numerous customer reviews and other reviews claim that BoardEffect is one of the most useful tools for online meetings and secure document sharing. But what exactly are the features that make BoardEffect what it is, and how exactly can they help improve the productivity of your company?

  • Board Portal maintains reliable communication between board members and improves their interaction with a user-friendly interface that is easy to adapt, automatic notifications in real-time and a wide range of collaboration tools) editing, comments, the ability to leave personal and shared notes, etc)
  • Excellent compatibility with all operating systems and devices provides users with easy access to the information they need, anywhere, anytime. Get ready for your upcoming meeting even on the go
  • High-security level complying with the best European standards provides your portal and storage with confidential data with the best protection against data leakage and hacking. This is all done using data encryption, a sophisticated authentication system, and the ability to control access and interact with documents
  • BoardEffect supports almost all document formats and allows you to quickly find the desired document using the smart search function
  • Like any other self-respecting provider, BoardEffect provides a professional and responsive support service that is ready to get in touch at any time of the day, any day. You can contact technical support by phone, email, or live chat. Also, the provider provides training materials for using their system
  • The software offers a free trial so you can test the space before making a purchase. It is better to check the price of the product with the supplier.

Other features of the program include:

  • Doc templates – save time on document creation
  • Electronic signature – carry out your duties outside the boardroom
  • Customizable branding – decorate the space following your company’s brand
  • View information from past meetings – all meetings are automatically archived in the company space for future use